Water fun activities for toddlers

We always focus on the kids’ education and learning, but we never think that they can learn from many activities. One of them is water activities they can learn from fun activities. We feel that all the time study becomes boring somehow; you must try some fun activities. That is why in this blog we will discuss what water activities you can enjoy with your toddlers.

Have a look:

Mixed color water

This is a very simple activity but always proves best for any occasion. Choose your child's favorite color that will make them happy and fully enthusiastic about the activity.

Sponge Water Bombs

DIY (do it yourself) your child will have a total blast Sponge Water Bombs. Don’t it is not that hard to make as your think about it. You only need some sponges, and elastic bands, it will take a few minutes to be done. You can enjoy a family water fight with these water bombs.

Bubble play

A very simple and exciting activity for kids. You can set up the environment easily and keep your kids engage for long hours together.

For this, you will need liquid bath soap, a Water tub, bath toys, water, and a towel. Now is the time to fill the water tub, add some liquid soap, and whirl it to make foam. Put your babies into it, let them explore it, and also supervise them during the activity.

Nature soap

Try to add nature into the kid's play to indulge them in nature activities. You can try this water activity throw some water on a water table and add some sticks, rocks, grass, scoops, and dirt + some bowls. Set up all the things in that way your toddler will be busy for a long time and your will finish your household chores.

Little Ducklings Water Play

Enjoy this activity with some little toys by putting them into a bucket full of water and give a bath to them. Isn’t it interesting? Kids will love toys and bathe for long hours.

Bubble bath toy car wash

This is the best activity for kids around 2 years; it is an indoor activity for your little munchkin. Simply, your baby will NEVER get tired of it. Put a few cars in a Tupperware on the table and enjoy the exploding car wash. Also, you can use any of your kid’s choice toys.


These are some water activities you can enjoy with your kids to spend quality time with them. Montessori Pasadena CA team always suggests you give importance to your child and a few memorable moments with them to build a foster relationship with them. Fun activities always attract the kids you must consider that.