Tips To Protect Your Child During Monsoon Season

The monsoon is at its peak, and it comes with lots of illness. When it comes to kids, they get sick sooner as compared to adults, which is why you need to take more care to protect your baby during this monsoon season. For parents, monsoons not only bring fun, but they also bring along some unwanted guests that make their kids sick and bedridden. That is why it is crucial to pay special attention to it. In this post, the Child Care Eagle Rock, CA team has mentioned some tips for you.

Let's read it out :
Eat Healthy Food

The rainy season is the origin of several watery illnesses, including typhoid and diarrhea. You must thus always use filtered or boiling water. Food should always be covered and never left out, since doing so will allow bacteria to flourish. To get rid of all the bacteria, properly wash the fruits and vegetables in warm or salted water. Eat only food that has just been cooked.

Keep Warm and Dry

Infection risks are increased by moisture and humidity. We should thus urge kids to carry raincoats and umbrellas when they go outside. If the kid becomes wet, we must instruct them to change into fresh, dry clothes as soon as they return home.

Ensure Adequate Hydration

A healthy body can fend off ailments like the cold or flu. It is also common knowledge that getting adequate water washes away toxins from the body and aids in systemic cleansing. Make sure your child drinks as much water as possible or any other beverage, such as juice or soup, to keep them hydrated.

Apt Clothing

Being ready for the season before it begins is crucial. Get your kids raincoats and other rain gear to keep them from getting wet and becoming sick. Purchase waterproof luggage, raincoats, umbrellas, and other items to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the rainy season.

Clean and Dry Homes

To keep insects away, we need to keep our home tidy and dry. Cleaning wet walls is a good idea since they breed mold and fungus, which can make kids' asthma and breathing problems worse. You should take off your dirty shoes before entering the house. For cleaning floors, antibacterial substances can be diluted with water.


These are some tips for you to protect your kids from monsoons. Rather, if you are looking for a place for your child, daycare in Eagle Rock, CA, can be a better choice for you. We have a team of professionals to give the best care to your child in every season, and we are also focused on the kid's health.