Thanksgiving Ideas for Preschoolers

Holidays always excite every child, and when it comes to doing some fun activities during their off days, it can always overwhelm them. Here Preschool Pasadena CA team has mentioned some Thanksgiving activities that will teach your children about this special day. This is the national holiday in the US to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. This day is celebrated on November 24 this year. These are some ideas on how you can enjoy the whole day with kids.

Enjoy the reading, and try to do these activities:

Color-shorting activity

Color sorting is the best activity your child will love to do. It aids in the enhancement of their learning experiences and color memories.

Ask them to do this alone or in a group, as per their mood. For this activity, you need Thanksgiving candies. And then collect some colorful paper. You can use construction paper, crafting foam, or even computer paper. Choose the exact colors of your candy.

Now is the time to make turkey feathers and cut them out. Place the candies in a bowl and make a turkey-shaped border with the feather-shaped paper. Pinching candies one by one to place them on the appropriate feather is a workout for the little fingers; therefore it helps the toddlers discover their fine motor abilities.

Their sensory abilities are also put to the test because the candy dish also serves as a sensory bin.

Books to Read with a Thanksgiving Theme

There are so many books that you can read with your kids. Turkey Trouble, Run Turkey Run, Twas' the Night before Thanksgiving, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey, Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving, The Thankful Book, and others are among them. These books will liven up your holiday, and you will learn more about Thanksgiving as a result of them.

Thanksgiving Countdown Chain

For this activity, you need to create a chain. It will be great fun for the kids to count down to Thanksgiving!

For that, you need materials like construction paper, a stapler, and markers. Begin putting this together now. Cut pieces of construction paper into strips. Create 30 strips for the entire month!

Discuss with your child what it means to be thankful for something. You can also give them some examples of what they need to be thankful for. Then, they will use their ideas.

If your child can write, ask them to write their answers on the pieces of paper. If your younger child is participating in this activity, you can also complete this portion. You can hang this in your house and take off a piece of the chain every day to countdown to Thanksgiving. Also, discuss what was written on the paper every day.


Thanksgiving is all about sharing and caring, and nowadays there are many conflicts among the people or nations. That is why we have to celebrate all the festivals full of happiness. It is critical to learn this as a child from the start. We advise you to choose our preschool in South Pasadena, CA, for better learning there. This is the place where they can learn sharing and caring from their colleagues and classmates at a young age.