8 scary Halloween movies for families

Finding Halloween themed movies that whole family can enjoy watching together can be a little challenging for some parents. If you are one of them, please find the list of movies below shared by the Preschool South Pasadena CA teachers. This Halloween season, there is entertainment for the whole family, including ghost stories and monster movies.

  1. Frankenweenie

    Victor Frankenstein, a child genius, is devastated when his dog dies, but with a little assistance from his instructor, he can resurrect his closest buddy. What follows is an attempt by a classroom full of kids to replicate the "pet project" by resurrecting their deceased pets.

  2. The Haunted Mansion

    In this frightening comedy, a family is on their way to a much-needed vacation when they stop at a house and discover ghostly residents inside. Preschool Kids will still have the pleasure of watching this movie, which is a classic for anybody who was a child in the early 2000s.

  3. Monster House

    In one of the finest computer-animated action/adventure films, three kids try to persuade the adults in their lives that a home in their neighborhood has a sinister secret as they follow them in their efforts. Due to the timing of the plot, Halloween is a great time to see the movie.

  4. Don't Look Under The Bed

    One of the scariest children's movies available is thought to be this one. The story centers on a rule-following girl who doesn't believe in fairy tales until she encounters the real-life boogeyman.

  5. Hocus Pocus

    The story revolves around a teenage couple who unintentionally releases a group of witches bent on immortality free. By snatching the book from which the witches originated, the teenagers must stop the witches' goals. The movie takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, and doesn't include any scary jump scares. This movie is fantastic to see around Halloween because of the atmosphere and quirky graphics.

  6. Coraline

    The story revolves around a child whose parents are a little too busy to give her the attention she requires. As the story progresses, it tells of a bizarre alternate reality where everything appears to be perfect—until it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems. According to the Pasadena CA preschool teachers this dark fantasy is ideal for the Halloween season, however, the last act could be too intense for younger people.

  7. The Goonies

    In the classic adventure story, The Goonies, a group of young people battle a land development company until they come to discover a map that sends them on a series of perilous misadventures. The backdrop of the movie seems like something out of a haunted house experience, complete with booby traps and frightening tunnels, even if the movie isn't as spooky as classic Halloween movies.

  8. Ghostbusters

    The focus on ghosts makes this movie more imaginative and comical than terrifying, yet it cannot be overlooked as a Halloween movie. Ghostbusters hits the mark when it comes to frightening enjoyment for the whole family. The movie masterfully combines comedy and fantasy, and its all-star cast hits a home run while defending New York against ghosts of every description. In the movie, a group of scientists unlocks a door to a realm that, if they don't act to stop it, would unleash unimaginable horrors on the metropolis.