Craft ideas for kids from recycled material

Kids love crafts and art. So we can productively try this and use some recycled material for their craft. It will help them to know about the benefits of recycling. Upcycling is the process of creating something new from an existing object in its current state, as opposed to recycling, which transforms old materials into new ones. In this post, the Montessori Eagle Rock, CA, team is going to discuss craft ideas for kids made from recycled material.

Let's read it out:

Bottle Cap Fish

Make your underwater ecosystem full of vibrant fish, plants, and bubbles. Grab the plastic bottle caps off of your water and beverage bottles. Paint the caps in vibrant colors to create a school of amicable fish.

Windflower seed bombs

These simple-to-make seed bombs are a way to give back to Mother Earth. Used construction paper scraps, water, and wildflower seeds are blended in a food processor before being formed into little muffins. Throw them in the ground after allowing them to dry. The paper will ultimately decompose, and the seeds will sprout when the seed bombs are exposed to sunlight and precipitation.

Recycled robots

This recycled project uses cartons, boxes, old bottles, tin cans, bottle caps, flexible tubing, and pretty much whatever recyclable object you can find that can be incorporated into a robot. Putting the robot together as a family is a pleasant activity that everyone can enjoy together while also promoting the cognitive, linguistic, and social growth of the kids.

Collect as many different-sized bottles, cartons, and boxes as you can. You may also use old container lids and caps. To make the robot mobile, you can connect toy vehicles and wheels. To help you secure the various components, you'll also need several types of glue, including hot glue, quick glue, and strong adhesive. Once everything is finished, embellish your robot with acrylic paint if necessary.

Egg Carton Pirate Ship

Now it's time to set sail and go to a distant island with our treasure maps! Children will enjoy playing out the ultimate adventure.

Binoculars made with toilet paper rolls

Prepare an entirely handcrafted set of binoculars for an outdoor expedition. To create a three-dimensional illusion, string two empty toilet paper rolls together and conceal them with tissue paper leaves.


These are some ideas. We hope you like them and try them with your kids for their activity. Also, schools can add to your kid's craft activity. We can say that you can turn trash into treasure and spark creativity in your little ones with these fun recycled crafts for kids. Rather, if you are looking for a space for your kids, our Montessori Pasadena, CA, school can be the right place.